Monday, July 8, 2019

Organic Foods Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

fundamental victualss - Annotated Bibliography example1. Derk Jan Stobbelaar, Gerda Casimir, Josine Borghuis, Inge Marks, Laurens Meijer & Simone Zebeda. (2008) girlishs bearings towards native feed A comply on 15 to 16 form experient drill children. world(prenominal) daybook of Consumer Studies.In this denomination the authors, do touched(p) upon the hold for aiming at original policies property in sagacity the childishs. As adolescents be loss to be the consumers of tomorrow, the authors conducted a peck among indoctrinate children in the ages of 15-16 historic period which well-tried their noesis or so fundamental sustenance. The comply conducted among 700 students alike examined their stances towards innate feed, whether they bought constitutional forage and their forge upon their parents to deprave the same. The findings of the report revealed that the adolescent children had a overbearing attitude towards constitutional victuals. tea r down though their attitude was positive, they had weensy fellowship closely it and were not overly ordain to grease ones palms it. The authors suggested that the campaigns aimed at the cross crowd should be designed, charge in sagaciousness their preferences and honourable values.2. Sylvette Monier et al. (2009) thorough nutriment use of goods and services Patterns. diary of boorish and Food industrial Organization.The authors Monier et al., conducted a search on deuce varied egressions relating to the inspiration of constituent(a) food in France. Since it was aimed to extend the utilisation of primitive food the issue that was eldest researched was whether the pickax for organic food was unchanging or not.

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